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Sew-Your-Own Cat Plushie

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

I made step-by-step instructions booklet for making your own cat plushie using fabric designed by Beckadoodles! You can purchase the fabric from Spoonflower or in my Etsy shop. And you can make an army of kitties to cuddle or give as gifts.

I designed this sew-your-own fabric so even a beginner could make a cat plushie, I wanted it to be simple enough for children or someone who has never sewn before. I also designed them to have the look of the old vintage teddy bears I loved as a kid. Sweet and simple! Here is a pdf instruction booklet you can download or print. The supply list is small for this project and it should only take you a couple of hours, even for a beginner!

cat plushie fabric panel featuring a gray tiger

Supplies you'll need to make this project:

Cat Plushie fabric Buy it from Etsy or Spoonflower. Sewing machine Nothing fancy a basic machine will work fine, or you can handsew if you're up for the task.

Scissors or a Rotary cutter I prefer a rotary cutter for cutting patterns, but really shard fabric scissors work well too.

Pins and Needles You'll need to pin your fabric together so whatever type of pin or clip you like will work. And any handsewing needle will work for the small amount of hand stitching you'll be doing for this kitty.

Sewing Thread Of course whatever thread you use with your sewing machine will work for the hand sewing. I use white because it will all be invisible.

Poly-Fil or other stuffing Whichever you prefer, I have always used Poly-Fil so it's what I recommend, but this part is up to you.

Ribbon You can add an accent ribbon around the kitties neck, or knit a little scarf, make a bowtie, whatever you like!

Bonus If you buy the fabric from my Etsy shop, I'll add a satin ribbon tag you can sew on to your cat to give it a little extra finishing touch. The tag has a little red heart on the front and the Beckadoodles logo on the back. Of course if you have your own handmade tag, you can add that to your plushie also.

gray tiger cat plushie toy

I hope you enjoy making my cat plushies. I think they're adorable and make great gifts for kitty lovers or little ones. I will be adding new designs for holidays, (Christmas Cats are already available!), special occasions, and of course all the colors of the rainbow!

If you make a cat plush, I would love to see them! Please tag Beckadoodles on your socials, or send photos to my website or in an email.

Thank you for supporting my small business and have fun sewing and creating!

*Please do not re-sell the fabric un-sewn. You may sell your finished cats at craft fairs, markets, or in your Etsy shop, but please tag my shop as a partner!

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