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Thanks for visiting my site, I'm so excited to meet you!


My name is Becka Seashols but most people call me Beckadoodles.  I'm a cartoonist, illustrator, author, crafter and art instructor (I'm really busy all the time!).  I live in Roanoke, Virginia with my husband, son, and a bunch of kitties and doggos.

I have been a freelance independent artist for a really long  over 20 years!  I've illustrated kid's books, worked on sketchcard projects, designed artwork for t-shirts, rubber stamps, greeting cards, cross stitch patterns, fabrics, and a bunch of other fun things.   I mostly draw cats.  Cats. Cats. Cats.  Its ok, I know I have a problem.

Thanks again for the visit, please come back soon to see what's new and follow me on social media for constant updates on cat drawings. 

shooting star cartoon
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Hi, I'm Becka

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beckadoodles artist Beck Seashols
cute stars cartoon
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the art of cute
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