Creative Time

Hello to all my social distant friends! I hope these past few months have not been too overwhelming and you're all healthy and safe.My little family is doing all right! The husband has been working from home and our son was furloughed from one job but still has hours from the other job. And he took all this free time to finish writing and editing his first novel! So it worked out well for him! (more about his book soon!)

I have been doing what I can to keep up my creative energy and remain hasn't been easy. As a creative person, I prefer working on cute and happy things, when I'm feeling happy, so it's been a little hard to maintain that happy feeling with everything that is going on. Luckily, I have cute kitties and puppers around me at all times to give me positive energy, and cuddles!

So during this crazy time, with sales slowing, and commissions on the low side, I've had time to make lists and plans for new work. I have sketched out pages for 2 new coloring books, I laid out a dummy book for 2 kid's books, roughed out a few sewing patterns for stuffies, and created a few new repeat patterns for surface designs!

I've added a few printable coloring sheets to the shop along with cross-stitch patterns. Either are perfect to help you relax and fill your hours with some creativity! I'll be adding a few more in the next few days too!

And if you are interested in getting exclusive monthly printables or secret grab bag goodies, sign up for my Patreon! Not only will you help me out monthly, you'll get all sorts of fun things, and you can chat with me anytime on my Discord channel!

Please take care of yourselves and those you love! And use your creativity to make others smile, it's the best feeling!

© 2018 by Beck Seashols. 

Please do not reproduce or use any artwork or information without asking. Thank you.

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