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Avenger Heroes Inspired Mini Valentine's Day Card Packs - 2.5x3.5 inch cards

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Product Details

Geek inspired Valentine's cards perfect for kids or teachers to hand out in class or for the Geeky couple to share with loved ones.

* Product Details:Card Size: 2.5 X 3.5 inches

* Printed a high-quality 90# matte finish cardstock

* Plenty of space to sign names or write a personal note on the back of card

* 12 cards (2 of each shown)

* Watermarks and drop shadow are not actual stickers

* The cards are easy to write on with a sharpie, ballpoint pen or gel pen either on the front side or back side.

* Please note, the colors in the photos above may differ from the actual printed image. The actual cards are vibrant and clean and absolutely adorkable!

* All artwork was originally drawn by cartoonist Becka Seashols.

* All trademarked characters or likenesses in this shop are created under the parody fair use copyright law.

© 2014-2022 Beck Seashols. All rights reserved.Thanks for visiting my shop, hope you'll come back soon!

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